Acknowledging the grief for what has been lost, while also finding gratitude for what is still here, awakens us to the ever present gift of grace flowing through all things.


a book Singing Beyond Sorrow is Carole’s story of navigating grief after the unexpected and unimaginable death of her husband from cancer.   Written in a journal style, the book chronicles her ups and downs, the “firsts” without her husband, the parenting of their six-year-old son, and the sometimes tragic, sometimes funny, conflicts between a young widow picking up the pieces of her life and a world that would rather close its eyes to death and bereavement.

While working through her grief, Carole discovered the gift of finding gratitude in each day, no matter how small: her son’s laughter, the generosity of a stranger, or the simple beauty of a field of poppies. She came to understand that even amidst the raw pain of loss, the preciousness of life was present when seen through the lens of gratitude.

As a former hospice nurse and bereavement volunteer, Carole’s unique blending of professional experience with her personal story sheds light on the often hidden process of grief.  Her book can help the newly bereaved embrace life after loss, while also offering us all an opportunity to see moments of grace in our everyday lives.

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Carole is available for book signings, readings, and workshops related to seeing grief through the lens of gratitude. 
For more information, contact her here.


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